Our History

There was first a church on our little patch of land in Thornton Heath in the very early 1900s. At some point, this was sold to the "Shaftesbury Society and Ragged School Union" and eventually to the Elim Pentecostal Church. Previously to moving into Mersham Road, we had had an old chapel building in Moffat Road, just a short distance away. In 1970 an extension at the front was added, which gives us a more modern feel (we think so anyway)!


We have a leadership team of, currently, eight men and women under a pastor, although we don't use titles such as "Elder" or "Deacon". We have found that an informal structure like this suits us as a fellowship.


Likewise, we don't have a formal membership system. Relationships must be at the heart of Jesus' church and formal membership, structure and titles do not cause commitment or relationships to happen. In fact the reverse is true; the building of relationships leads to commitment to one another and to the Fellowship, and a desire to serve and serve withthose we are coming to know and love. 

We encourage newcomers to spend time settling in and getting to know us all before becoming involved in ministry, but we aim not to put barriers in the way of anyone exercising the talents they have or the gifts God has given them as they seek to serve Him. Through our weekly preaching and teaching in cell home groups we encourage everyone to grow in Christ and reach their full potential for Him.