Nearly everyone plays some part in the Fellowship's life, but to help you when you visit us here are the details of some of our key personnel...

Nick and Mei Gray

Nick is our Senior Pastor. He and Mei have pastored our church since 2000. Nick has been in full-time pastoral ministry for nearly 30 years. He and Mei have two grown-up sons and three grandchildren.

Mei heads our English Language School, The Pathways Project, and started our main evangelistic ministry "Healing on the Streets".

Gwen Gittens

Gwen heads up our children's work Kidz Klub. She is also a member of our leadership team and our finance officer.

Gwen has served both our church and the one where she grew up faithfully and is a tremendous benefit to our popular work with children from pre-school to when they enter secondary school.

Len and Cynthia Davis

Len and Cynthia are currently leading our young people into a new strategy for our teenagers and are also members of our leadership team.

They have two adult children and have served in local church and missionary ministry for many years. They lead one of our home cell groups on Thursday evenings.

Deborah Willis

As well as being a member of our leadership team, Deborah runs our weekly parent and toddler group, which she has successfully managed for many years.

Victor and Roselyn Sele

Victor is one of our preachers and leads our prayer strategy. Both serve on our leadership team.