Following an exciting and dynamic Sunday with Pastor Zak Gariba from Toronto last November, we have invited him and Karen-Marie back to hold four meetings over the weekend of 22nd to 24th June. This will be an anointed time of releasing you into your God-ordained giftings.
Everyone welcome! See flyer below for more information.
conference flyer
Our partnership with Living Word Ministries to run a food bank out of the church building is going well. We are negotiating a £1,000 grant at the moment, which will enable us to put a metal storage shed behind the church and to pay some of the volunteers' travel expenses. We are also expecting to expand the operation to two sessions per week and we will be looking for more volunteers.
So if you cna spare a couple of hours a week to help us run this valuable community outreach, do contact me.
Well done everyone who contributed to our building project in 2016! With your giving we were able to install a new heating system (cost £19,000) and a new suspended ceiling in the main hall (cost about £4,000). We also had a gas meter and gas supply installed (cost around £3,000).
So you gave and we spent about £26,000!
Well done everyone - now we need to get a new carpet down!
The emphasis for this set of meetings will be "Receiving The Spirit" and the Sunday morning is also Pentecost Sunday! Our visiting speaker on the Thursday evening will be Pastor Paul Song, a South Korean pastor who has spoken at our Fellowship before.

We all need more of the holy Spirit in our lives; transforming us, transforming our fellowship and transforming those around us. Do take this opportunity to seek God together for a fresh infilling of His Spirit in our lives and a revival of His power and love in our Fellowship!

Meeting times are :
Thursday 12th - 8-9.30pm
Friday 13th - 8-9.30pm
Sunday 15th - 10.30am - 12.30pm
Sadly, we are saying goodbye to Filden and Nnaana and Sam and Amanda. Filden has been accepted as the pastor at Croydon Community Church and Sam (his brother) and family will be going with him. We are holding a farewell lunch on Sunday 13th March, which is their last Sunday with us. We wish them all the very best in their new church and every blessing as they move on.
Join us on Thursday and Friday evenings 7th and 8th January, 8-9.30pm, to help us pray in the new year and pray for our own vision and the vision of the Fellowship for 2016. Final session in our morning service on Sunday 10th
Sunday 20th December, 6.30pm - Carol SErvice, followed by mince pies & refreshments.
Christmas Morning, 10.30am - Short family service for Christmas morning.
New Year's Eve, 11pm - Watchnight Service to worship, share together and see in the new year.
Well done to everyone on helping us raise £6,715 this year to bring our fund up to £11,500! Watch this space for how much of our building project we can maybe start work on next year
Well done everyone! Just a few days after the walk last Saturday  and we've already made around £400! Congratulations. Keep collecting from your sponsors and hand the moey to Simon on Sunday morning.
Thank you to everyone who gave so generously on Sunday for our second Gift Day for the building fund. We raised £1,567.80 in total.
I am still awaiting quotes from two local builders, both of whom are taking their time! I am also awaiting details of a new heating system for the church, which will see us convert from oil to gas. We will install a new boiler, upgrade the radiators in the main hall and install new electric backup heaters.
Just to remind you that the end result of the building project will be a new side entrance for the back hall and a second, disabled, toilet. The overall effect will be to make the back hall more usable for both the community and ourselves and to upgrade our heating system throughout the church.