Well done everyone! Just a few days after the walk last Saturday  and we've already made around £400! Congratulations. Keep collecting from your sponsors and hand the moey to Simon on Sunday morning.
Thank you to everyone who gave so generously on Sunday for our second Gift Day for the building fund. We raised £1,567.80 in total.
I am still awaiting quotes from two local builders, both of whom are taking their time! I am also awaiting details of a new heating system for the church, which will see us convert from oil to gas. We will install a new boiler, upgrade the radiators in the main hall and install new electric backup heaters.
Just to remind you that the end result of the building project will be a new side entrance for the back hall and a second, disabled, toilet. The overall effect will be to make the back hall more usable for both the community and ourselves and to upgrade our heating system throughout the church.