Our partnership with Living Word Ministries to run a food bank out of the church building is going well. We are negotiating a £1,000 grant at the moment, which will enable us to put a metal storage shed behind the church and to pay some of the volunteers' travel expenses. We are also expecting to expand the operation to two sessions per week and we will be looking for more volunteers.
So if you cna spare a couple of hours a week to help us run this valuable community outreach, do contact me.
Well done everyone who contributed to our building project in 2016! With your giving we were able to install a new heating system (cost £19,000) and a new suspended ceiling in the main hall (cost about £4,000). We also had a gas meter and gas supply installed (cost around £3,000).
So you gave and we spent about £26,000!
Well done everyone - now we need to get a new carpet down!