Back in 2014 we did some essential roof repairs, which cost us £15,500. We raised all this ourselves during the first half of the year and still had around £5,000 left as seed money for the second phase. You can see the work that was done in our photo galleries page. This was Phase 1 of the project.

For the second phase of the project, we have had plans drawn up to add a new entrance and foyer to the side of the main building and install a disabled access toilet facility, which will include a baby-changing table. We want to complete this phase in 2015.

These additions will enable us to offer our second hall as a self-contained unit for hire, with its own entrance, kitchen and toilet facility. We will also cut a new door from the main hall into the new foyer, giving access between the two parts of the building when we have functions and for our needs on Sunday mornings.

Phase three consists of internal renovations, including a new heating system and redecoration of our main hall with a suspended ceiling to reduce heat loss.

Because the extension will cost far more than the internal work, we have carried out most of the internal work this year (2016). This included a new heating system, converting from oil to gas for the boiler, a suspended ceiling in the main hall and a new carpet in the main hall. We successfully completed all except the new carpet, having spent some £26,000 on the other measures!

In 2017, we will revisit the extension plans and install a suspended ceiling in the back hall.