Sorry, but we are no longer hiring out our hall for children's parties

Hiring a hall for a family event can be a very expensive and difficult task in London, so we offer part of our premises for hire to local people and community groups. There are some restrictions and conditions to this, as laid down by our denomination's headquarters, so talk to us if you would like to use our building. We are also open to churches hiring our main hall for services, prayer meetings etc.

We can provide :

  • A small hall to hold 30-35 adults seated at tables or more without tables.
  • A kitchen facility. This is not a full catering kitchen, so meals cannot be prepared and cooked, but fine for light refreshments, heating up pre-cooked food or cold buffets.
  • Chairs and tables available at no extra cost.
  • You would need to bring your own disposable crockery and cutlery and take your own rubbish away.

This hall is available for £40 per hour.

We also have a classroom suitable for teaching and small business or discussion meetings. This will seat up to 12 to 15 adults and has a whiteboard and a wall-mounted flat screen TV for projection, DVDs etc. There is a smaller side room that can be used for childcare or as a break-out room.

These two rooms together are available for £30 per hour.

Our main hall can hold up to approx 100 people seated. We do not usually hire out this hall except for church activities, but when we do it is available for £50 per hour.

To find out if we can help you and for availability, contact Nick Gray on 07930 566678