Our visiting speaker on 19th November, Zak Gariba, struck a spark among us and a good number of folk were touched by the Holy Spirit, both in the morning and evening meetings. To encourage this move to grow among us, we have to ask this question?

"When the Spirit comes - will He stay?"

In other words, how can we maintain a sense of His presence and power in our lives from Sunday to Sunday. From my own past experience of moves of the Spirit in two churches, here are a few pointers :

Seek His presence every day, don't just wait for Sundays.

In the busy-ness and ups and downs of our week, any sense of His presence with us will dissolve unless we take time to seek Him every day. How? Try these things...

Learn to "soak"!

Put your favourite worship music on and simply sit and invite the Spirit to come and move in your life again right then and there. Of course the best time for this is first thing in the morning, which for many of us is the worst time to do this. Make the effort - you won't be disappointed.

Get back into the Bible.

Every day! 'Nuff said.

Keep clean.

Nothing is more sure to distance you from God's presence than sin. We all know our own problems and struggles. Let the Spirit increase your sensitivity to sin in your life and respond accordingly.

"Pray without ceasing" (1 Thesalonians 5:17)

That includes praising, worshipping, praying with someone else, speaking in tongues while you walk along or work - all things that will keep Him in the top of your mind and Spirit. As you do this, you will experience His joy and more of His presence during each day.

If enough people want to, we can meet every Sunday evening just to seek Him for more of His presence and power in our lives.