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Elim Pentecostal Church Thornton Heath

Call Us: 07930 566678

Welcome to our "new normal" website!

We are a friendly, multi-ethnic church community in Thornton Heath, part of the London Borough of Croydon. The COVID-19 crisis has given us the opportunity to relate, learn, worship and pray together in different ways - a "new normal". We have turned our building over to running a food collection and delivery hub for local people seriously affected by the current emergency. We have updated our website to reflect our new emphasis and activities.
Will we have to change it back again - who knows?

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In memoriam...

During the dark months of 2020 we saw a number of our church members healed from this horrible virus through prayer. Sadly, however, our dear sister Cynthia Williams succumbed to the disease this January. She was a much-loved part of our church family. We remember her with joy but miss her with such sadness. Our prayers and blessings are with Harry and their wonderful family.

elim food hub

For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis we are running a food hub from our church building. 

If you are on benefits, low income, unemployed or otherwise in need, you are welcome to come and collect fresh food

Do you need help with food OR can you offer help to deliver?
CALL 07305 523912

Our food hub is open Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. We distribute food between 3 and 4pm on those days. See below for how to find us.

If you know anyone who is completely unable to go out to buy their own food and has no-one to help them we can arrange a weekly delivery of food.

What is "Online Church"?

Every Sunday at 11am we share an online church service of songs, prayers and inspiration, open to anyone. Contact us below to get Youtube links. You can find us at :

Our materials help to point you towards Jesus as the ultimate answer to our life problems.

online church

The closure of all our services and group activities has led us to develop our online church. Our whole way of "doing church" has changed and will never be the same as before once the crisis is over!

how to find us

How to find us. We are :

5 mins walk from a 250 bus stop on Parchmore Rd
Less than that from the 450 bus stop at Beulah
Crescent/Osborne Rd.
10 mins walk from Thornton Heath train station (mainline to Victoria & East Croydon)

We are proud to belong to the Elim Pentecostal Churches, a movement of 500+ local churches in UK and many more overseas.

To find out more about our movement, visit

Elim Church Thornton Heath

Mersham Road, Thornton Heath CR7 8NP
T: 07930 566678

UK Charity number 251549

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